Why Our Installation Rocks

Since recently having some work done at our personal home, we discovered just how detailed our own installation process is compared to other companies we know of. I wanted to touch on exactly what steps we take, what sets us apart and the benefits of using a full service company like Advanced Blinds & Awnings Spokane.

First of all we take all packaging with us and dispose accordingly. When you have a house full of windows you could be talking about a truck load of garbage! No one wants to deal with that and we make sure clients never have to. We will also dispose of any old blinds that you don’t have use for. We will donate them if they’re in working order or dispose of them accordingly. When pre-drilling is needed for a blind or shutter installation, it will produce some sawdust. We sweep or vacuum this up as we go.

After your project is complete and our installers have confirmed that everything is in working order, they will go over the functions with you and answer any questions you may have. Yes, you could search on Google or YouTube – how to control your awesome new motorized blind, but providing exceptional service on every project is standard for us, and will save you time.

For Advanced Blinds & Awnings, completing the installation is not the end. It’s the beginning of our relationship with you, the customer. If a customer needs help or has new questions we’re here to support you and will never leave you hanging. Now sit back and enjoy your new blinds, shutters, sunscreen or awning, It’s really that easy.

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