What Window Treatments Are Safe for Children and Pets?

When investing in new window treatments, many homeowners are looking specifically for options that are safe for small children and pets. Traditional window blinds and shades feature pull cords that can easily get tangled and pose hazards. Fortunately, there are many different window treatments available today that are designed to be safe for children and pets. With plenty of options available, you can be confident that you’ll find a set of window treatments that meets your safety requirements while providing the aesthetics and functionality you desire.

Cordless Window Shades

There are a variety of window shades that come in cordless designs to suit your safety preferences. Roller shades are a common option that doesn’t use cords to operate. Instead, you simply pull the shade to roll it down and gently pull and release tension to raise the shade.

Other window shade styles that traditionally featured a pull cord now come in cordless designs as well. Honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, have long been a popular window treatment option thanks to their energy efficiency and classic aesthetic. You can now find honeycomb shades that simply pull down or lift up from a small handle at the bottom, eliminating the need for cords.

Roman shades are another popular window treatment style that’s easy to find in cord-free designs. Similar to cordless cellular shades, these attractive window shades can simply be pulled down or lifted up to set the shades exactly where you want them. And, with plenty of colors, patterns, and materials available to customize your cordless window shades, you’ll still be able to achieve the aesthetic you want for your home’s interior design.

Motorized Window Treatments

In addition to cordless window shades that require manual operation, another great child- and pet-safe option to consider is motorization. Many different types of window shades and blinds can be upgraded to a motorized design for even more convenience. Automated window treatments can be operated with a remote control or a smartphone app. You can even tie them into your smart home system!

Find the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

If safety is a top priority for your next set of window treatments, there are plenty of great options to consider. From window shades that simply lift and lower without the need for pull cords to fully motorized window treatments, you can be confident that there’s a child- and pet-safe solution that offers the beauty and functionality you desire for your home.

At Advanced Blinds & Awnings, we are pleased to be your source for an extensive selection of window treatment options. We offer cordless window blinds and shades, and many of our window treatments can be upgraded to a motorized option as well. Contact us today to learn more about our window treatment solutions that are safe for pets and kids.

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